The 5-year-old class at the preschool in Apex, North Carolina enjoyed Annie & Little One and loved sharing what they remembered about the story, including Little One’s Not-So Little Nose, that Little One said she should buy a wig – but remembered that those silly things about Little One were what made her special.

Christine Tortorella’s niece, Kristin, visited a preschool in Apex, North Carolina and read to each of the preschool classes (2s, 3s, 4s and 5s!). The 5s class were the first class to hear Annie & Little One and was excited to share what made each of them different and special.

The 5s were creative and showed us their version of how a bug would dance!


Then, the kids stood up to get the wiggles out while hearing The Bug Beat, a song from the CD Book Do Bugs Have Belly Buttons?

You should have seen the wonderful, creative dance they came up with, VERY BUG-LIKE!  The 2s class (which was primarily 3-year-olds) heard Annie & Little One and listened to the Bug Beat twice (the 2nd time by request). They had a lot of questions and wanted to share their special toys, like Little One was special to Annie.

We asked what the kids remembered about the story. Jordan, from the 2s class, said, “It’s so fun when Annie & Little One went to fly up so high, and she lost a shoe!” This video below shows a small clip of the 2s class dancing to the Bug Beat.

Kristin pointing to her Not-So Little nose while reading to the 2s class at a local preschool.

Kristin read to the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s classes in two days and the teachers expressed their gratitude for sharing the books with the classes. A 4s teacher said, “I love it. And the journal is the perfect pairing!”

The 2s teachers invited Kristin back to read any time.